About This Website

This website provides geometry problems which are mathematically beautiful in their own right, and which also help our students* reason mathematically, see connections in mathematics, and improve problem-solving abilitiesOur intended audience is math teachers and prospective math teachers.  Students are also welcome to use this site.

Mathematics is an interconnected subject. Our goal is to help students learn how numeric reasoning–especially proportional reasoning– and algebra are used (very naturally) to solve geometry problems. 

*By “our students” we include K-12 students and university-level students learning mathematics.

This project, and this web site, are a work in progress.


GeoGebra (www.geogebra.org) is a free interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application (computer program), intended for learning and teaching mathematics in elementary through university level mathematics. For this web site we have created GeoGebra files with which students may interact.

Structure of the site

This web site has pages.  Use the menus at the top. At this point, we are not using blog posts.

The web site is under construction.

About the Authors

Jim Olsen – I teach math and teacher education courses at Western Illinois University. More information.

Audrey Fletcher – I take math and teacher education courses at Western Illinois University.

Western Illinois University is in Macomb, IL.